Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Divide and Occupy in Orange County

OC residents are pretty fed up with Wall Street too: Occupy
Orange County is planning a demonstration on Saturday,
October 15th in Irvine.
I was wondering if the whole Occupy Wall Street movement was going to descend on Orange County: it's already hit the big cities, i.e. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, ect. Why not Orange County?

My question was answered this past Saturday when not one, but two protests were held in the OC: one in Huntington Beach, the other in Orange. Known here as Occupy Orange County, the protests continued yesterday in Anaheim, where a group of about 75 protesters stood outside a downtown Chase bank and protested what they consider "corporate corruption and a lack of respect for workers."

All of this is preparation for the "big demonstration" to be held on October 15th in the Financial District of Irvine beginning at noon. On the 22nd, Santa Ana will also be joining the demonstrations when a separate group plans to get together in front of the Ronald Regan Federal Building.

For those not entirely sure what the protests are for (something about Wall Steet, right?), the Occupy Wall Street movement is a series of demonstrations that began last month(!) to voice discontent about the economy, the imbalanced distribution of wealth and believed to be corruptive influence Wall Street has over the U.S. government.

For more information about Saturday's protest, you can visit the group's Facebook page, and for more details on the past protests, I got my info from the Orange County Register, which had a nice slideshow of the protests taking place all over the country.

Whatever your beliefs on the demonstrations, it's the backbone of our country's history to stand up and speak out when we see injustice for the causes we believe in. It's nice to see Orange County residents come together and contribute to that legacy by making history during such bleak economic times.

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