Monday, October 17, 2011

Haunted Orange!

Haunted Orange offers you a tour of haunted Old Towne
Orange (image via
This past Saturday a friend and I took the Haunted Orange tour which walks you around Old Towne Orange and gives you the rundown on which buildings have reported paranormal activity. Led by a tour guide decked out in Victorian mourning clothes, the group of about twenty of us walked around the circle, listening to the history of the city, Victorian death customs, and personal experiences of our guide's seances with dead.

Creepy, right? It kinda wasn't. Don't get me wrong, the guides were well informed about the city's history and they did a good job of wrangling a pretty big crowd. They had iPads loaded with old pictures that they held up to show us what the city used to look like a hundred years ago. And they did a lot of explaining on the Victorian burial customs, which as a history buff, I found interesting.

So what was the downside? Well, apparently, Old Towne Orange has quite the nightlife, and the club kids hanging out in front of their rockabilly clubs thought we were fascinating. We went to gaze upon the ghosts, and instead, it seemed we were the ones watched. A couple (drunk) people lingered with our group, and one guy swayed next to me, waiting until I reluctantly looked at him to give me the "ok" gesture and shuffle off.

Image via Haunted Orange
So for $18, I don't know if I'd recommend it, but I'm glad I went. I imagine there's a lot of places in Orange County that are haunted, and it'd be a shame if there wasn't something like Haunted Orange to offer us a sneak peek into the Orange County afterlife.

To check out some of the photos, or sign up for the tour, you can visit the Haunted Orange website here.

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