Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh Shizz! Bee Attack in Santa Ana?

A swarm of aggressive honeybees left four men hospitalized
in Santa Ana on Thursday. (image via Howcast)
Poor Santa Ana. As if it's not bad enough that the city gets alot of criticism for its presumed violent crime, even honeybees are forming gangs and terrorizing the city!

On Thursday, a swarm of honeybees left four men hospitalized and forced the evacuation of a city block that included five nearby businesses for about an hour. The bees were part of a hive of 60,000 that had been in a stack of pallets at a nearby storage yard. Two firefighters were also stung as they shut down some of the street to allow Bee Busters, a professional bee-removal team, to come in and remove the hive.

One of the victims included a  man in a wheelchair who is reported to have been stung over 60 times. Three other men who tried to move the man to safety were also stung in the process. One was taken to Western Medical Center and the other three were treated at Coastal Communities Hospital in Santa Ana.

As of Thursday, the medical conditions of the men were not known, nor the reason why the bees became aggressive.

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