Tuesday, August 16, 2011

O.C. in the Spotlight

There’s been a lot of Orange County residents making news, and it’s been mostly positive for a change (let’s just pretend that whole woman-chopping-off-husband’s-junk thing never happened).

Here’s a rundown of where O.C. people have popped up recently:

Cota de Caza resident Daniel Fritz (above)
wiped out to the tune of $50,000
(image via OC Register)

Wipeout, ABC
Cota de Caza resident Daniel Fritz (21) was on the popular game show last Thursday. He saw the notice for auditions in Downtown Disney and tried out, where he not only got on the show but ended up winning 50,000! A film major at Cal State Long Beach, Fritz says he’s going to save the money and use it towards buying a home after he finishes school.

To read more about Daniel’s experience on the show, you can read the original article here.

Brittney, a Laguna Hills resident, was featured on A&E's
Intervention (image via A&E)
Intervention, A&E
This is one of my favorite shows that I never miss, and it was a big surprise to see Laguna Hills resident Brittney (last names are not given) featured. The family of this 25 year-old wanted to stage an intervention and get her help for her drinking problem. They address the pressure young girls who live in Orange County feel to look “perfect” and how it has affected Brittney, who battle with food addiction as a child.

You can watch the episode online at A&E’s website.

The Lime Truck Crew
(image via Food Network)
The Great Food Truck Race, Food Network
The show premiered on Sunday with Seabirds (Costa Mesa) and The Lime Truck (Irvine) representing for Orange County. They and the rest of the trucks were dropped in the middle of Las Vegas and had to hustle their way to victory, which went to The Lime Truck. Not for lack of trying Seabirds, even tried to give offer a kiss for those that purchased vegan tacos

For more details on what happened in the episode, you can read it here.  

Vanna White at the Gary Center in La Habra
(image via OC Register)
Wheel of Fortune
Sigh. Okay, I confess, I debated about including this one, but say what you will, everyone knows who Vanna White is and she was in Orange County for a good cause, so I might as well. White visited The Gary Center in La Habra on Monday to film a segment for the popular game show that will air in September. The nonprofit organization provides programs services to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it, and through the end of the year, when contestants of the show win the Bonus Round, Maxwell House will donate to one of six community centers, including The Gary Center.

Click here for more information on the project.

Contestant singing for a dream at the SoCal Icon competition
(image via SoCalIcon)
SoCal Icon
I know, I know, I’ve never heard of this either, but apparently there’s a competition a la American Idol where kids from all over California compete for a professional photography package, vocal coaching and a recording package in these tots’ quest for stardom. Kids compete according to their age group, and right now the finalists include residents of Cerritos, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Santa Ana and Tustin.

For more about this competition, visit SoCal Icon’s website.

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