Monday, April 20, 2015

This is Why Anaheim High School is Awesome

Westboro Baptist Church members abandoned their protest of Anaheim High
School because of cool counter-protesters (image via OC Weekly)
The dreaded Westboro Baptist Church (the ones that like to disrupt funerals to spew their hateful beliefs) came to Anaheim High School on Wednesday, according to OC Weekly.

Here's OC Weekly's rundown:
Westboro writes they'll be picketing because "the young generation is utterly without hope" and "illiterate in anything that matters--especially the Bible." They say they're targeting high schools because they're "the training grounds for universities" that teach students fornication, sodomy, and rape. After denouncing high schools for teaching students math and reading, they end--in classic Westboro fashion--with "YOU HATE YOUR CHILDREN!"
In true OC fashion, a counter-protest was staged where signs affirming acceptance and diversity were held up, and one Anaheim counter-protester reported Westboro left after ten minutes.

Afterwards the jubilant counter-protestors played "We Are the Champions," by Queen. Sound like a good day to be at school!

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