Friday, October 19, 2012

The Wolf Pack to Shut Down O.C. Freeway

First Vegas, then Thailand, now Orange County? Shooting of
Hangover III will be shutting down part of the 73 toll road
(image via
If you're thinking of jumping on the 73 freeway this weekend, you might be out of luck: filming of the Hangover III will be taking over, in effect shutting down the toll road between the 405 and Jamboree this Saturday and Sunday. 

I didn't even know they were filming a Hangover III, but apparently this go around involves the guys breaking Alan out of a mental institution, at least according to the actor that plays him, Zach Galifiankis.

Is it a coincidence there's going to be a view of Orange County on the way to a loony bin?

Costa Mesa mayor Jim Righeimer has been vocal about his irritation over filming, complaining that it's "outrageous" especially when "they're going to disrupt traffic on the 73 so that they can film a movie, which the citizens of Costa Mesa get nothing out of."

Righeimer's whining continued when he said, "They should throw us a bone or something. Have the actors show up somewhere or something."

When another Costa Mesa politician argued that filming was going to have a negative impact on businesses, the county's film commission (we have one?) has countered that it will actually help the local economy (read the article here).

So suck it up Orange County peoples, and if you're wanting to head to the Metro Pointe or South Coast Plaza, take the surface streets like the rest of us plebeians, or just avoid the area all together. You'll be okay for one weekend.

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