Friday, September 2, 2011

Orange You Glad to be Here?

The Orange International Street Fair offers entertainment
and food from all over the world (image via flickr user tom.arthur)
Today is the first day of the traditional Orange International Street Fair, which is held every Labor day weekend in the downtown Orange. It begins at 5 pm tonight, and runs through until Sunday.

Admission is free and there will be live music, and a Children's street for the kids that includes games, giant slides and rock climbing.

I remember going years ago and the one thing that stood out to me was the FOOD: the street is lined with vendors selling every variety of food imaginable, from all over the world. Although I have to admit, a majority of it was fried, so healthy-eating people beware.

Image via flickr user tom.arthur
Profits from this event are donated to non-profit charities in the community - and many organizations have come to rely on this fair as their biggest fundraiser of the year.

If you're lucky, you can find free street parking, or if you filled with goodwill, you can pay for parking in a private lot, the proceeds of which go to a local charity.

Orange International Street Fair
Orange Plaza (Chapman Ave and Glassell St)
Friday September 2nd 5pm-10pm
Saturday September 3rd 10am-10pm
Sunday September 4th 10am-10pm

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  1. I went to this food fair last year. It was really crowded and you are right about the fried food, it is everywhere!