Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Gourmet Dining Rolls in the O.C.

Tonight in Lake Forest, the food trucks will descend on Forest Lanes from 5:30 to 9 pm.
Get your grub on and hit the lanes for some gourmet noshing and bowling.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we are in the midst of  a gourmet food truck craze, and the old notion of the “roach coach” is being replaced with the discovery of these trucks that are more inventive and affordable than traditional sit down restaurants. Not to mention healthier (for the most part) than our favorite fast food places.

There was a blurb on LakeForestPatch announcing that a slew of gourmet trucks will be gathering in the parking lot to feed the bowling masses at Forest Lanes tonight. Chow time is from 5:30 to 9 pm and expect people – last time about 100 people showed up.

The rotation varies, but tonight’s lineup includes:
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The Lime Truck
Describing their goal as the ability to “keep you feeling better, working easier and being happier,” these automotive chefs offer what they describe as “California beach cosine.” Their menu items dabble in the spicy (Cuban Sandwich Crisis, Spicy Hanger Steak Taco) and play with the traditional (Carnitas Fries, Ahi Tuna Poke). Most tempting to me? The Janes Addiction Quesadilla – goat cheese, proscuitto, asparagus, with balsamic tomato jam.

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It’s hard to find vegetarian options, but vegan? Or gluten free? It’s next to impossible, which is why Seagulls peaks my interest with their mission “to promote a sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle while bringing convenience to high quality, healthful food.” Their menu adopts seasonable ingredients, and tonight they’ll be offering shitake lettuce tacos, beer battered avocado tacos and vegan cupcakes.

(image by Longboards Ice Cream
via Flckr)
Taking on the true California vibe, Longboards compares their passion of making ice cream to a classic surfboard… handcrafted with extreme care and reverence for the sport.” Stop it Longboards! You had us at ice cream. And as if hand-dipped ice cream bars was not enough to make your mouth water, check out their flavors: coconut, lime, mango, and mangos n’ cream, to name a few.
(image via
Chef Joe may have a "global menu," but the heart of his food is "delicious rustic Italian street food." In his hands your Italian comfort food of pizza, for example, becomes a Napa Grilled Artisinal pizza, with thyme roasted grapes, blue cheese, baby arugula, and Cabernet Sauvignon "jam." For hardcore comfort foodies, try creamy mac n' cheese nuggest, a lightly breaded and crispy variation on a childhood favorite.

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Louks to Go
Maybe there’s Greek food out there, but do you think the ingredients are really from Greece? At Louks, the Greek food staples like olives, cheeses, honey and even salt are imported from the source. A blend of contemporary eating (spicy feta fries anyone?) with classic Grecian goodness (beef and lamb gyros), it is not lost on me this food comes from the same place the gods once dwelled.

(image via Food Truck Directory)
The Flip Truck
The Flip Truck serves sliders with American ingredients (beef from Montana, Hawaii and California-raised chicken) and fresh baked bread and local cheeses to create “a healthy, feel-good tasty treat” With items like the Hanky Spanky (applewood-smoked bacon, beef, and aioli served on a Portuguese roll) or sliders served with chicken or fish, I was a happy to see the P-Nutty Butter Lover. Brulee’d banana with peanut butter and honey served on grilled sourdough…what more could a vegetarian want?

All of these chefs are constantly creating, so expect some variety from the items I talked about Also, these are just the trucks being featured at the Lake Forest Lanes tonight; I hope to be able to cover more trucks in the future. Whether it’s a museum, a courthouse, or a Best Buy, these trucks appear all over Orange County, not only promoting the business they’re serving in front of but delivering tasty alternative to the same old same old of Orange County dining.

Forest Lanes
22771 Centre Dr., Lake Forest
(949) 770-0055

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