Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food for Body and Soul Available at Alta

Alta Coffee Warehouse and Restaurant will have Poetry Night
on Wednesday beginning at 8 pm (image via Roxy Blog)
When I was looking for some places in Orange County that had poetry nights, I stumbled upon Alta Coffee Warehouse and Restaurant located in Newport Beach.

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical of what a poetry night at Newport Beach would sound like (lamentations about having to sell your yacht?) but then that's just my preconceived (and maybe a tiny bit envious) notion about the city.

Then when I checked out Alta's website, I was instantly smitten with the coffee shop's description:
In 1985, an old bookstore was dismantled and turned into a wholesale coffee roasting warehouse. People in the area soon got wind of something new in the neighborhood. Fresh hot coffee was available for the locals and served out of the side door. Soon, people gathered and got the munchies while drinking their cappuccino. So that's how it got started.
Alta Coffee (image via John Carillo)
As a self-proclaimed bookworm, and unabashed caffeine junkie enthusiast, Alta was intriguing already. Then I read the menu and again was impressed with the varied selection; a true testament to being located in Orange County, the breakfast menu had items that represented a little bit of everyone.

From Huevos con Frijoles (Eggs and beans in a whole wheat tortilla with cheese, avocado and sour cream) to the Bagel Salmon Sandwich. I personally was eyeballing the Surfer's Burrito, described as "scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, bacon & homemade enchilada sauce, all inside a large flour tortilla."

Wow, I really shouldn't blog when I'm hungry...

The point of this post was to talk about Alta's poetry night, which is happening today, with sign ups beginning at 7:45 pm, and the event starting at 8 pm. For those looking to break away from dinner at a chain restaurant followed by Real Housewives reruns on t.v., I would give this place some thought. Order some coffee cake loaded with walnuts and cinnamon, (here we go again with the food) and sip on a toffee latte while you listen to people summon the fading (but nonetheless important) art of poetry.
A toffee latte: I don't think it's a coincidence
they make it look like a huge waffle cone...
(image via Carol L.)

And if you should happen to order a chicken curry pita or roasted eggplant sandwich, well, you're still supporting the arts, right? Your mind may crave creativity, but you can't help it if your stomach craves a turkey, bacon and avocado wrap, now can you?

Alta Coffee Warehouse and Restaurant
506 31st Street
Newport Beach


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