Friday, September 12, 2014

How Orange County Remembered 9/11

This year Orange County remembered 9/11 with bursts of color and moments of reflection - here is a round up of how some cities chose to pay tribute to the ones we lost thirteen years ago.

Fullerton resident Scott Townley is one of many around
Orange County who paid tribute to those lost in 9/11
(image via OC Register)
Scott Townley has decorated his lawn with patriot flags and white crosses, each one with the name of someone lost on 9/11. He planted 3,500 to 5,000 flags, and has 343 crosses. The crosses bear the names of the fallen firefighters, Port Authority and New York City police officers. He's also included a large wooden cross with names of the first responders who died from cancer and other illnesses associated with the debris they helped to clear up in the aftermath.

A passerby takes in Scott Townley's 9/11 display
(Image via NBC Los Angeles)
Townley, an Orange County Fire Authority engineer, explained, "I want a complete memorial done out of respect and dignity for everyone we lost."

Costa Mesa
Hosted by Catholics at Work, there was a ceremony held at the Hilton that included artist Jon Krawczyk, who sculpted a cross that is now in place at Ground Zero. 
Jon Krawczyk's cross, which he describes as
wavy, so viewers not only see themselves, but
the world and faces around them (image via
Catholic Vote)
He was commissioned to create a cross as an artisitic replacement for the "9/11 Cross" famously created by the steal beams that appeared among the rubble of the World Trade Center.

Trabuco Canyon
Since 2004, firefighter Garry Biggerstaff and his motorcyclist friends take a ride from Cook's Corner to Long Beach in commemoration of the fallen heroes on 9/11. 

What began as unexpected trip with a group of firemen has become an annual tradition that has grown from 50 to over 1,500 participants. Now known as "Remember 9/11 the Ride," the hope of the group is to continue to "raise awareness and support for those who continue to keep our city, state and nation safe and sound all year round." 
"Remember 9/11 the Ride" starts in Cook's Corner and ends in Long Beach
(image via Facebook)

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