Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Places in OC for Comfort Food

Sometimes there is no better cure (or reward) for a tough day at work/school/insert-your-institution-here than some good old fashioned comfort food. A couple of places in Orange County recently opened up, here's a quick description and location for where to head to the next time you want to make your heart and tummy happy:

Celebrity Soul Food Buffet is one of OC's latest comfort food
restaurants (image via Yelp user Alyssa B.)
Celebrity Soul Food Buffet
Lake Forest

If you're all about southern cooking, you might want to check out Celebrity Soul Food Buffet. You can load your plate with all types of comfort food: fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peach cobbler. That's a short, short list of what's available here. You can go traditional and add collard greens, fried okra or black eyed peas to your mountain of food, or you can just order a one, two, or three item entree that comes with a couple of sides.

Yelp reviewers are enthusiastic of this place that's been open for about a month - they gave it four out of five stars (out of 122 reviews).

Socal Locale offers more info about the place in their article, "Soul Food Has Come to South Orange County and It's All You Can Eat."

The buffalo wing mac from Elbows Mac N' Cheese (image
via Yelp user Coco T.)
Elbows Mac n' Cheese

At the top of the comfort food chain, macaroni and cheese has got to be in the top three. Or maybe it's even number one. Regardless of the ranking you give it, Brea has a restaurant devoted to the artistry of pasta and melted cheese.

They also serve cheese melts from the classic grilled cheese to a fancy chicken pesto melt, and they serve a wide variety of sides like bruschetta

The real star, though, are the mac and cheese dishes. From a pizza mac with pepperoni, (called the "Do You Want a Pizza Me") to a southwestern take with cheddar, jack cheese and fire roasted peppers (called "Living Fajita Loca"), there's going to be a variation that's got your name on it.

The reviews on this place seem lukewarm though - Yelp reviewers gave it three and a half stars out of five (out of 24 reviews).

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