Friday, July 25, 2014

Kebobs in the OC

The shrimp kabob plate from Mama's Kabob (image via Yelp
user Cam D.)
If you're like Steven Stephen, you're wondering where to get the best kabobs in the OC. Wonder no more, here's a handful of the best places, as rated by Yelp users. 

One note, I expanded the search to include kebabs, since it's essentially the same thing, except it's not cooked and served on a skewer. 

Mama's Kabob, Stanton
5 Stars (out of 87 Yelp reviews)

"It's a small mom and pop shop in a strip mall. Food was decent and I would come again. The owners were very nice and personable."  - Michelle F.

"You can feel the love and dedication in all the things they bring out." - Huy N

"Had the chicken kabob and fell in love." - Dan H. 

"The Chicken Kabab is Delicious... Well cooked, Juicy and very flavorful. The Kafta Kabab also SOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!! One thing though is on the Beef Kabab, it's like a carne asada meat rather than the various other places I go [that] use the nice cubed pieces of marinated steak. This can be improved.
- Maggie M. 

"The Kafta Kabab is my personal favorite but the Chicken Kabab is very flavorful too. The Shrimp Kabab is served with a special red sauce which tastes like lobster sauce in butter. Their garlic sauce is a fine pair in any of their dishes."  - yumyum b

The Kofte Kebab from the Istanbul Grill California in
Fountain Valley (image via Yelp user Gloria V.)
Istanbul Grill California, Fountain Valley
4.5 Stars (out of 329 Yelp reviews)

"My husband and I love Istanbul Grill. The food and service is amazing!  We will be back soon with friends and family." - Lisa M.

"This restaurant is just great. Food is delicious, staff are super friendly,  place is very clean and service is perfect.  The prices are more than reasonable." - Nick A. 

"Ordered the prime rib and chicken kabab combo, chicken adane and gyro dinner. Food was great! Prime rib and chicken kabab were tender and moist." - Lindon K. 

"The kefta and the doner kebab rivaled any I've had so far." - Kunney T.

The Kabob combo from the Kerostena Grill (image via
Kerostena Grill web)
Kerostena, Garden Grove
4.5 Stars (out of 296 Yelp reviews)

"Kerostena is truly a hidden gem. Although it's small, it's very clean and organized and the service is top-notch. They also earned themselves additional brownie points for a soda fountain/beverage station for refills because I'm always thirsty =) Last but certainly not least, the food is amazing! Kerostena is definitely a must try." - Rachel V.

"The beef kebab was just okay but the chicken kebab simply sang of juiciness and tenderness...metaphorically. Sheesh, lighten up, veganazis." - Andrea R.

"Food portion was plenty. The seasoning was really good and the meat was tender. You get a lot for what you pay for." - Maila H.

"Everything is made fresh in-house and oh, so satisfactory. Go here, get anything off the menu, prepare to be amazed. #PartyInMyMouth :)" - Kevin W.

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