Friday, March 28, 2014

Sugar Bomb Alert: Donut Bar Opens in Fountain Valley

Orange County's Donut opens Saturday, with free donuts!
(image via Facebook)
Who knew OC had such a sweet tooth? On Saturday, Orange County's Donut Bar officially opens in Fountain Valley, promising the "world's best donuts" just like the original San Diego's Donut Bar.

With a constantly changing menu, some flavors have included the Samoa (based on the Girl Scout cookie), salted caramel, and red velvet.

Unique to Orange County is the "milk bar," whole, strawberry, and chocolate milk is kept on tap. They should do that with a coffee bar: strong, extra strong, and never sleep again.

This shop will be going up against Afters, another recently opened Fountain Valley dessert place that serves - get this - doughnuts stuffed with ice cream.
You saw right, that's ice cream. IN A
DOUGHNUT. (image via Yelp user Tuilagi S.)
That's right, you choose your doughnut and your ice cream (flavors range from churro to Vietnamese coffee) and Afters does the magical rest. These concoctions from heaven are known as "milky buns."

And if you're still into cronuts (even though that's so 2013), Fountain Valley has those too at the Fusion Tea Bar; in fact, several places all over OC sell their version of the "cronut." So if you can't get over the idea of something that's part croissant and part doughnut, you can find it in any of the following locations:
The Donuttery, Huntington Beach
Pandor Bakery, Newport Beach
Fusion Tea Bar, Tustin and Fountain Valley

Oh, and thanks to OC Weekly, this just in: Orange County's Donut Bar will be giving away free doughnuts on Saturday as part of its opening. You can thank them (with a full mouth) later.

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