Friday, March 21, 2014

OC's Had Enough: Copwatch Event Teaches Citizens Self-Defense

This Saturday, Copwatch SantaAna is promising an event to learn
"organized resistance to police oppression in our community."
(image via Copwatch SantaAna)
There's been a rash of questionable police activity in the streets of Orange County, and one group has decided to fight back with one of this century's greatest weapon - technology.

This Saturday, the grassroots group known as Copwatch SantaAna will be holding an event for those who "are down for self-defense and self determination."

On their Facebook Event page, Copwatch lists the topics they'll be covering, which include "Flipping the Script on SAPD/Putting the Cops on Check," and "Watching each other's backs."

While sounding almost militant, recent events with the police over various cities in Orange County make it easy to understand why this group formed. Within just the month of March we've seen the following:

Teen took this selfie while Anaheim PD
questioned teens for loitering (image via
OC Weekly)
An high school student took a selfie while being questioned by Anaheim PD for loitering at the school (the teens claim they were waiting for their ride). When the teens tried to leave, they claimed the police officer grabbed a teen by the shoulder and threw him against the fence.

In Tustin, police were called to a movie theater after reports of two suspicious men entering the theater with a backpack. One of the movie goers there later told the OC Weekly that "a dozen or so heavily armed police officers rush[ed] into the theater" with "12 gauge pump shotguns...aiming them at the audience."

The witness went on to claim that they were ordered to put their hands on the seats in front of them before being escorted from the theater row by row. But hey, they were given passes for a free movie.

And finally, late Thursday evening Anaheim police were involved in yet another suspicious shooting that resulted in the fatality of a man still unidentified at this time. It was back in July 2012 that the Anaheim PD was involved in other shootings that caused the city to riot.

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