Monday, March 17, 2014

OC Shows Its Selfie Some Love

Time Magazine recently came out with a report listing which cities around the world take the most selfies. 

Would you believe it, Orange County ranked in the top 5 - the Anaheim/Santa Ana area, to be precise. That's right, at #4, this area of OC is considered one of the cities whose residents take the most selfies. It might sound surprising until the blog New Santa Ana breaks down the facts:

  • Disneyland is in Anaheim, which would make for selfie heaven (OC Weekly also points out that both cities have a California Gentleman's Club - can people take pictures in topless bars?)
  • The median age for Santa Ana is 29, with 30.7% being under 18 - the younger being more plugged into social media.
  • According to New Santa Ana, the city  is "infected by a horde of hipsters," and since "hipsters are narcissistic  it follows that they will take a lot of selfies."
Below is a small sample of the kinds of selfies that put Orange County on the map - you can check out where your own city ranks in selfies here.


Instagram user hkplussizbarbie

Instagram user creativegenius13

Instagram user samshin3s

Instagram user mariahstrikesback

Santa Ana

Instagram user toto_h831

Instagram user marcuspenn92

Instagram user josephcrazzyboyyink86 

Instagram user typical_bri_
Ok, the last one technically can't be considered a selfie, but it was too cute not to include.

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