Friday, March 14, 2014

Bad OC! Bad!

Only in Orange County could someone like Chris Brown
look like a victim of injustice (image via The Rooster)
What does it say about us when one of our own makes Chris Brown look like a victim?! That's exactly what happened back in June when a woman accused the infamous Brown of pushing her down inside Anaheim's Heat Ultra Lounge. Apparently, he shoved her so hard, he tore ligaments in her right knee, and the said accuser has been in the process of suing Brown and the nightclub.

With Chris Brown's anger issues, this might be believable, except for the fact that TMZ has the surveillance video that shows the accuser limping out of the club on one leg, as well as the picture she took of herself the next day - with a cast on the wrong leg.

Well, this week the club folded, deciding to settle with the accuser for $15,000. Chris Brown's lawyer has asked the judge to block the settlement, since it's pretty obvious something ain't adding up.

But with all this drama, the real question is, wth was Chris Brown doing in a club in Anaheim?! Is TMZ going to investigate that?

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