Friday, January 3, 2014

Los Tacos Ricos in Lake Forest - True to Name?

Los Tacos Ricos serves up street style tacos
in Lake Forest (image via Yelp user Alexa Z)
I finally checked out Los Tacos Ricos, after having seen all the coupons for it in the PennySaver. Located in Lake Forest (next to my favorite Thai restaurant), it's boasts authentic street-style tacos and a variety of agua frescas along with other Mexican food favorites.

I ordered three types of taco (asada, de pastor, and carnitas style) and a ceviche tostada. Normally a taco runs about two dollars, which seems a little steep when you see how small they are, but if you go on their Taco Tuesday it's $1.50 and they use homemade tortillas. All tacos come with cilantro and onion, and they have a salsa bar with a all the traditional toppings for a good taco: guacamole, radish, salsa, and lime.

This was the only part I was less than impressed with - since it was late afternoon when I went, the salad bar was looking a bit tired, the pico de gallo looked old and translucent and needed changing out. Also the agua fresca (I noticed one of them was cucumber flavor) was being kept in a bin of half melted ice and also needed changing out.

A little bit of disclosure, being a vegetarian, I should have no business reviewing this place, so I entrusted the sampling to my dad, who grew up in Tijuana and knows a thing or two about what a good taco should taste like. He gave it a thumbs up and I noticed Yelp users liked it too: it has a 4.5 out of a 5 star rating from 40 reviewers.

All in all, I say it's worth checking out for foodies looking for a taco fix, but I'd recommend visiting early in the day and on a Tuesday for max savings.

Los Tacos Ricos
22722 Lambert St #1702
Lake Forest, CA 92630

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