Sunday, July 28, 2013

Huntington Beach Riots?!

Panic on the streets of Main and PCH? Huntington Beach
broke out into a riot after the U.S. Open of Surfing Sunday
(image via Twitter user Scott)
In the middle of a peaceful Sunday evening I get a text from a Chula Vista-based cousin asking, "Riots in HB????"

Huh? Whaaaaaaaaa? Two things that you would never put together are "Huntington Beach" and "riots" and yet that seems to be the case after the Vans 2013 U.S. Open of Surfing came to a close. According to one report, what began as a altercation between a man and store security escalated into a riot, with several reports of fighting and portable toilets being tipped over. OC Weekly later clarified that it seems like the disturbance started after someone got caught stealing from a convenience store and a fight broke out in front of the place.

Enough commotion was caused that Huntington Beach police requested help from nearby agencies before showing up in riot gear. Another witness then reported that people refused to leave and began running when shots were fired and "what smelled like tear gas" filled the air.

Police in riot gear in downtown Huntington Beach
(image via Twitter user Miles Watkins)
It was tweeted by the L.A. Times around 9:30 pm that Huntington Beach police issued a statement stating that the disturbance had been diffused and the downtown area was once again under control.

Who knew surfer/hipster residents had it in them to be so belligerent?

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