Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Ghost Hunters" Investigates San Juan Capistrano Mission

A recent episode of "Ghost Hunters" found the crew doing an investigation on none other than the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

SyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters" recently did an investigation on the
San Juan Capistrano Mission to find out if it was haunted 
The show included interviews with the locals, one of which explained, "this is part of our legends and our folklore in San Juan. It's part of the culture here."

Some of the folklore includes the story of Magdalena, one of the 40 people buried alive when the stone church collapsed during an earthquake in 1812. Many report seeing her face in the church window. There are also sightings of a faceless monk roaming one of the mission's corridors, and footsteps of a soldier still keeping watch.

It's been ages since I watched the show, and I have to admit, it seems a little exaggerated now. Like Lead Investigator Jason Hawes saying he and his team "were called in by the entire town" to investigate the mission, which "has the locals on edge."

As for the investigation itself, while the crew reported a lot of noises in the distance and seeing movement at the end of one of the mission's corridors, nothing substantial happened during the exploration. Still, upon reviewing the tape afterwards, the team heard a couple of voices, speaking in what could be Spanish. It'd be easier to tell if the investigators didn't drown it out with their exclamations of "what the hell was that?"

Hawes concluded that the mission had "things out of the norm, but nothing to fear."

If anything else, the episode provided some history and served as a reminder of how beautiful the mission is, ghost or no ghosts.

Check your program guide to find repeats of the episode - "Ghost Hunters" airs on Wednesdays on the SyFy channel.

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