Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romance, Huntington Beach Style

Johndee Catibog proposed to his girlfriend Cynthia Go on Huntington Beach
this past Sunday. Think she said yes? (image via OC Register)

This past Sunday, Cynthia Go thought she was just having a birthday brunch in Huntington Beach with her boyfriend of almost five years, Johndee Catibog. Then Johndee told her to look over the railing of the cliffs they were standing on. There carved in the sand was his proposal, a complete shock to Cynthia, and a fun surprise to everyone who also saw the message.

It landed on the Huntington Beach Wave Facebook page and corresponding OC Register section where curiosity was brewing about the identity of "Cyn." The couple came forward Tuesday night, surprised at the attention and delighted to share their happiness.

Santa Monica artist Andreas Hoenigschmid worked
with Johndee for months on the design that took over
three hours to carve into the sand when the tide was low.
(image via OC Register)

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