Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celebrities Love and (Embarrass) Orange County

A lot of people got a jump on having a good time on Memorial Day weekend, including celebrities. Here's a round up of a few run-ins the famous(?) have had in Orange County recently.

Jenna Jameson Arrested
Former porn star Jenna Jameson
was arrested in...Westminster
(image via OC Weekly)
Early Friday morning, former adult film star Jenna Jameson was arrested for an alleged DUI after crashing into a light pole. Famously living in Huntington Beach with Tito Ortiz, Jameson has had a history of substance abuse, and had attended rehab in 2010 for Oxycontin abuse. What was unusual for me was where she crashed: Westminster, on Springdale Street and Westminster Boulevard to be exact. Westminster?!

Laguna Beach  Lands on "World's Wildest Police Videos"
Though not exatcly famous like Jenna Jameson, fellow Huntington Beach resident Christian Aparicio is set to make his TV debut this Monday on "World's Wildest Police Videos." Driving in Laguna Beach, Aparicio managed to crash his Toyota Prius twice, before eventually getting arrested for suspicion of driving drunk. Thanks to the Orange County Register, here's a preview of the magic.

Hasselhoff <3 Huntington Beach
Don't get too excited, Dave, that's Santa Monica
beach! (image via Karen Tapia Photography)
And finally, but never least, David Hasselhoff, the Baywatch-starring, hamburger-eating, America's-Got-Talent-Judging star, has declared his love for Huntington Beach to USA Today.

I got the scoop from OC Weekly, which reported him saying, "For the epitome of the California lifestyle--the real Baywatch--it's Huntington Beach. It's got the girls, the surfers and the waves."

David Hasselhoff's been to Huntington Beach? David Hasselhoff surfs?!

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