Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WTF Orange County?!

Maybe it's just my bad mood, but lately it seems Orange County is unraveling at the seams (more so than usual anyway). Case in point: three random news stories that happened throughout the course of one very long and very tired day. I know it's no fun to be a Negative Nelly, but sometimes, the bad news is so unbelievable, you can't not share it. Talk about double negatives!

Costa Mesa: Woman Beats Store Clerk Silly with a Beer Bottle

Teresa Aguayo was arrested for trying to beat a store
clerk with a beer bottle (image from, appropriately enough,
Actually, I heard about this story last night: a 46 year-old woman got upset that she couldn't purchase an individual bottle of Blue Moon beer at the California Stop convenience store, and proceeded to beat the store clerk with it. She used a blanket that was behind the counter and tried to strangle the clerk with it, as well as grabbing nearby items like rubbing alcohol, acetone and Raid bug spray and rubbing them in the clerk's face.

She was charged today with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon in addition to misdemeanor counts of battery on a peace officer and resisting a police officer. For details, visit the OC Register.

Orange: Someone Shoots Out 50 Store Windows with a BB Gun

One of the businesses that had its store windows shot out in
Orange (image via Joshua Sudock/OC Register)
On my lunch hour I read about the fool who was shooting out the windows of businesses in Orange that include a KFC, Easy Living Furniture, Public Storage and First Security Thrift Bank. The cost to replace the windows ranges from $1800 to $2000, and some store owners have been hit more than once.

Police think they may have found the culprit: they arrested a man on drug-related charges and found a BB gun in his car.

Anaheim: Homeless Man Almost Set Ablaze

Bench where homeless man was almost
set ablaze (image via OC Weekly)
When I got home from work, I saw this headline flashed on my Twitter feed from the OC Weekly - a homeless man asleep on a bus bench was almost set on fire on South Harbor Boulevard shortly after midnight. Fortunately, a witness saw the flames, called police and pulled the man to safety.

That was my news feed in less than a 24 hour cycle: who knows what other shenanigans Orange County has gotten into that we don't even know about.

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