Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cruising Itriya Cafe

Don't let Yelp user Karin C's pic fool you, there is
usually a line out the door at 85C Bakery
Last Friday saw me running all over Irvine in a desperate attempt to get to Mission Viejo and catch the early Lakers game (spoiler alert, they won. Barely.)

One of my stops was at the very popular 85C Bakery (a whopping 4 out 5 stars out of 2783 reviews on Yelp), which had a line full of hungry students starting to spill out the door. Cramped but friendly, me and everyone around me apologized over and over again as we kept backing into each other's trays of pastries. I would've taken a picture, but it was prohibited by one of the cashiers, so if you want a glimpse of their black forest cake, tiramisu, or truffle cake, you'll have to visit their website. Oh, who am I kidding, feast your eyes below:

From left to right: black forest cake, truffle cake, and tiramisu (image via 85C website)

The line went quick and I was out the door and navigating my way out the parking lot that was quickly filling up, but not before I drove by Itriya Cafe, which was located in the same plaza but seemingly abandoned compared to the brisk business at the bakery.

Image via Yelp user James L
I had read about the restaurant at OCWeekly.com, and have been intrigued ever since, but I have yet to go. Judging by the lackluster business and lukewarm review on Yelp (3 out of 5 stars out of 113 reviews), it seems I'm not the only indecisive one about this place.

But look at the dishes! Itriya takes the comfort food staple of spaghetti and dresses it up in exotic and flavorable combinations. Declaring a "Spaghetti Revolution", dishes like Asian mushroom pasta, Korean black bean, or basil pesto Genovese go from mainstream Chef Boyardee into something inventive.

They also offer Ssam, the Korean version of a lettuce wrap. Flavors include spicy BBQ garlic shrimp, sizzling tofu, or BBQ rib eye.

Some of Itriya's dishes: spaghetti, ssam, and a piada (images from Itriya website)

I think I may have just convinced myself to check this place out for lunch sometime.

85C Bakery
2700 Alton Pkwy, Ste 123

Itriya Cafe
2740 Alton Pkwy

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