Friday, December 16, 2011

Lake Forest Under Attack! (By The Weather)

Along with thunder that set off car alarms, hail the size of
pennies blanketed Lake Forest and Laguna Hills, making
it look like it had snowed. (Image via Lake Forest Patch)

For a few hours last night, Lake Forest (plus Laguna Hills and Long Beach I’m told) felt like it was under attack as rain, thunder, lightning, and hail pelted the otherwise mellow cities that were winding down for the evening.

Beginning just after five, the storm lasted until about eight thirty and was gone by the end of the night. I’m told most of Orange County only got a minor soaking, but nothing like the warfare Mother Nature had declared on Lake Forest.

It’s been reported that it’s only supposed to be windy today and tomorrow, with gusts as high as 35 mph later in the evening.

The news even got a mention in the Los Angeles Times!

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