Thursday, October 27, 2011

Men Behaving Badly: OC Edition

Some guy in Laguna Hills got stuck in a hollow tree Tuesday
morning in his quest to find the Keebler elves. Well, maybe
not. But he really did get stuck in the tree. (image OC Register)
Sigh. I don't know even know where to begin on this one, but apparently some dude (he was unidentified by the Orange County Register and I can't say I blame him) decided it would be fun to squeeze himself in the hollow trunk of a standing tree in Laguna Hills. He was discovered Tuesday morning at 10:30 am by police when someone reported hearing screams (of embarassment I hope) near Los Alisos Blvd and Valencia. With only his head and shoulders visible, it took firefighters a good 90 minutes to free homeboy from the trunk, which actually ran about four to five feet underground.

The story made the news rounds, from Fox News (which got most of the story and details wrong) to Perez Hilton, who headlined the story as: "Mother Nature Can be a Bitch! Tree Tries to Eat Man Alive!"

After they got the guy out, firefighters were also called for a mental evaluation check. No word on if he passed.
A man was arrested in Buena Park Thrusday morning after
crashing his truck into someone's swimming pool. The 25-year-old
was suspected of being under the influence.
(image via Orange County Register)

Meanwhile, over in Buena Park, a man was arrested after he drove his truck into someone's swimming pool on Thursday morning. The 25-year-old, who is suspected for being under the influence at the time, had dropped his iPhone and was leaning over to grab it when he bumped the steering wheel with his knee and lost control of the truck. The truck went through a wall and landed in someone's pool, but man got out of the accident with just a cut on his lip. I'm sure the pool-owner was relieved to hear that.

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