Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orange Refuses to Play Red Light Green Light

A rare green light for Irvine - but don't worry, the next light
will turn red just as you approach the intersection
(Photo by ebright)
Orange and Westminster drivers may not have to worry about smiling for the cameras when they zoom through a red light.

According to OC Weekly, the Orange City County will be considering a law that prohibits the installation of the loathed camera lights.

They will be joining Westminster, whose city council has decided to leave the decision up to the voters by placing it on the November ballot in 2012. Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Fullerton have already decided against the lights being installed at city intersections.

The controversy about red light cameras is their usefulness: while they were meant to increase traffic safety, there has been data to prove that these notorious lights have actually increased rear-end accidents when drivers slam their brakes in an effort to not get a ticket.

On the other hand, others believe that the lights are an effective way to curtail drivers driving through red lights, especially when law enforcement is unable to monitor all the intersections themselves.

Might I suggest a law to better synchronize street lights? Certain cities (Irvine, I’m looking at you) seem to have street lights placed every few hundred feet, a few of which turn red without provocation other than they feel like making you stop and wait for the invisible opposing traffic that goes by. 

My commute is based on driving as fast as I can (while still within the speed limit) to avoid getting stuck at a light. Because I know that as soon as I hit one I’m doomed, and the rest of drive is going to be stop and go, stop and go, the rest of the ride there. Good thing there's no cameras, I can't imagine what my expression would be if they caught me...

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