Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oliver Stone's New Movie Takes Place in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach will be the setting for an upcoming Oliver
Stone movie to be released in September 2012.
(Photo by Shannon Bullard with Go San Diego Blog Card)
South Orange County will be the setting for an upcoming film, and this time it will have nothing to do with housewives or spoiled teenagers.

Oliver Stone is directing Savages, a film based on the novel by Don Winslow that takes place Laguna Beach. The film stars Blake Lively, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, Emile Hersch and Oliver Stone himself.

The story is about two drug dealers who get tangled up with the Mexican Baja Cartel when a romantic acquaintance is kidnapped.

In true Hollywood fashion, however, the Stone won't actually be filming in Laguna Beach, but rather Mailbu. Still, it's kind of a thrill to hear the cities you've visited numerous times mentioned by some of the most famous people in the world.

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