Monday, July 11, 2011

Food for Your Head

Compared to What is written by Roger
Gloss and takes place in Riverside, California.
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Okay, kids, enough of my restaurant stalking, it's time to feed our heads with some literature. And no, this is not the equivalent of being made to eat our veggies, I found something worth checking out. And do I have to add, it takes place in Orange County?

The novel, Compared to What is written by Roger Gloss and takes place in Riverside, California. Described as "a warm, human story of renewal, personal redemption, and love" it's about Jonah Verhagen who finds himself spiraling downward after he loses his job as a technology professional and has to survive on two small part-time jobs. Meanwhile, Angela Chang also finds herself struggling after she is abandoned by her husband and her coffeehouse is being pushed out by a more powerful namebrand franchise.

Lastly, there is Marcus Weathers, who is in self-imposed exile after leaving the politics of Washington where he served as a member of Congress. Hoping to do some good, he begins an organization to help young people when his fate becomes entangled with Angela and Jonah. Together, they wade through the "political and social landscape of the decade" but not everyone is guaranteed success.

Self published by Gloss in April 2011, you can download the first chapter for free from Amazon before buying it in either e-book format or paperback.

It's always cool to see Orange County referenced in a novel or anywhere in pop culture, especially when it goes deeper than housewives and rich kids. I always thought this place is an endless fountain of good stories waiting to be told, so I'm always intrigued when I hear about one bubbling up.

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