Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Costa Mesa Rated O.C.’s Most Walkable City

Costa Mesa may be Orange County’s most walkable city, but that
doesn’t mean residents are restricted to walking (Image by OBiTRAN)
In a study conducted by web site Walk Score, Costa Mesa was the highest scoring city in Orange County when it came to how easily a person could run errands by foot. Scoring a 71.6, Costa Mesa wasn’t exactly on the top of the list (that went to West Hollywood with an 89.4) but it wasn’t at the bottom of the list either. That honor went to North Tustin, which scored a 36 and seems appropriate as I’m not even sure if North Tustin is a city.

The study (as reported in the Orange County Register) calculates distances between everyday amenities such as restaurants, schools, and grocery stores and then awards points accordingly. High scorers get points for distances under a quarter mile, distances over a mile don’t get anything. Except maybe a cramp if you try and actually walk anywhere in that city.

The score can rank anywhere from 0 to a 100, with any city scoring between 90 to a 100 considered a “Walker’s Paradise.” 

Curiously enough, another O.C. city, Ladera Ranch, received a 40 and if you’ve ever lived or driven through there you know why: the city features long stretches of sprawling streets surrounded by beautiful greenery that lets you know you’re in a new and pricey neighborhood. I can’t imagine some residents not taking advantage of the safe and clean streets to go for a stroll now and then. You know, just maybe not to Ralphs.

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