Tuesday, July 26, 2011

$61 Million Lotto Ticket Claimed

The $61 Million Lotto ticket that was bought in Anaheim
last week has been claimed by three men in Santa Ana.
Remember that lotto ticket worth $61 million that someone bought in Anaheim last week? Well, that prize was claimed on Monday afternoon by three people.

Alfredo Hernandez, Benson Morinke and Jesus Marquez reported to the Santa Ana California Lottery office and chose the cash option of $38.1 million instead of the lump sum payable over 26 years.  

Split between the three of them, it will turn out to be $12.7 per winner.

The 7-Eleven store where the ticket was bought says the corporate office will receive a half of a percent, which total about $305,000. Let’s hope they kick some of that down to the store owner, right?

And Uncle Sam will get his share, even though there’s no state tax, federal tax is 25 percent (30 for non-US residents).

If you’re doing the math, in the end, each man will take home between at least $8.9 million and $9.5 million.

And they aren’t the only winners – there were also seven second-tier winning lotto tickets that were sold too. These are the tickets that matched five winning numbers but not the mega number. Still, these are worth $12,734 and were sold in Laguna Beach, Poway, Chula Vista, Rowland Heights, Carmichael, Canyon Country and Rosamond.

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