Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alternative Radio in Orange County

Visit KUCI's web site to check out their program and listen free!

Once upon a time, there used to be a radio station called Indie 103.1 that played all types of "alternative" music imaginable. Stuff that would never make it on KROQ, and definitely not POWER 106. I would listen to electronica, and import music, and had a world opened to me. I discovered a lot of new music I never would've heard of and to this day I still follow these artists thanks to that station.

Sadly, all things come to an end and Indie has been out of commission, I don't know, three years now? And although that void is hard to fill, I've had some success with KUCI (88.9 FM). Once again, I find myself perking up when I hear new music, especially Indie, electronica, and hip hop that even Pandora can't find for me.

True to their word, their programming is all over the place, and there are times I avoid the station all together.  But I'm sure someone somewhere out there likes jazz, reggae, live baseball, and talk radio on any given day. Their schedule changes with each new quarter of the university, but I've never had a problem "losing" favorite programs, so far they've cropped back up in one form or another.

So there's my choice for music not from a can. Another perk? They have NO commercials - they rely on donations, so if you get hooked like I did, do a homie a favor and make a donation. Isn't it worth paying a few bucks to not have to hear "you're killing me, Larry" or "the most interesting man in the world" for the hundredth time?

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